The manufacturing facility currently consists of:

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1) RAW MATERIAL WAREHOUSE: quality control laboratory with the appropriate equipment to perform tests on incoming raw materials and materials processing. Raw materials warehouse airconditioned - open mixer (400 x 1000) for the review of these compounds and for the testing of new mixtures.

2) PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT: with 21 moulding machines ( 13 Vertical machines + 8 horizontal machines ) with different tonnage from 190 to 450 tons.

3) MECHANICAL WORKSHOP DEPARTMENT: with machine tools and equipment suitable for the routine maintenance of machines and molds. 

4) FINISHING DEPARTMENT: ( Cryogenic) equipped with 3 deburring machines with liquid nitrogen, complete line of vibrating screen for the sorting of the finished product.

5) POST-VULCANIZATION TREATMENT DEPARTMENT: (post-curing) oven equipped with forced ventilation, to perform the treatment for the stabilization of mechanical products with special needs.

6) PACKAGING DEPARTMENT : horizontal semi-automatic machine to perform the assembly and packaging of the kit consist of gaskets and various accessories..

7) FINISHED PRODUCTS WAREHOUSE: automatic weighing equipment, final inspection and labeling of the products. 

8) R&D DEPARTMENT: we can provide support for the designing and the industrialization of products and for the formulation of mixtures suitable to satisfy the specific needs of each customer.